Monday, February 4, 2013

The Honey Badger

Jesse had his debut MMA fight this past weekend on Feb. 2, 2013 in Topeka, Ks. He fought vs Anthony Munoz at The Organized Chaos #1 Event. He has a rad coach, Morgan Bracken and awesome team, the Topeka Top Team. He has been meeting with them usually 3 times a week for several months now. He went into this fight confident with a plan to dominate his opponent and finish with a rare submission known as a "Twister". He was successful in doing so.
Although it was a very intense rush and at one point I thought I might throw up, I was so very proud to be his wife. I love you, Jesse "the Honey Badger" Thacher!

The WWW is buzzing about too! Check out this popular site giving hime props!

Here is his fight video! Leave comments to show your support!"

Saturday, June 9, 2012

A new venture...

So I have been thinking about starting another blog. I'm thinking of a new one so that this one can focus mainly on my family and our lives. It's kind of a crazy idea for me because I can't even keep up with this one, but I am making a resolution to do better. Plus I downloaded the blogger app, so I can do it from my phone. Hehe! I feel like its cheating. It doesn't take much effort to blog that way.
Anyways, I would like this new blog to be about my passions. Mainly about our journey with this 100 year old home we purchased. We have been putting a lot of work in to what I call our "Love Shack". PS when I say work I am really talking about my handy hubby. I am better with making orders and having him do it. :) With gutting the kitchen and re-doing the original hardwood floors, I have lots to talk about. Plus with our moving from Utah, only taking what fit in our tiny trailer, I have been having fun starting from scratch. With this home I have had the opportunity to do things differently. For starters, I am going for a different design concept. I'm really choosing things I love and not settling. When I say not settling, I mean i am not afraid to change things so the are unique. And exactly what I want. I am taking time and getting furniture pieces that I can invision filling my space perfectly. My husband may call me picky, but I would say something's are just worth waiting for. Plus, I am a yard sale and thrift store junky. Which may sound a bit scary to some folks, but to other like me can understand. There are some people that can only see things as they are, but others like me can see the poltiential in all things. I pride myself in being able to see how trash can be turned in to a treasure. So I hope the new blog can have tutorials, and before and afters. I love following blogs like this, so I have an idea of the kinds of things I want to include. I really enjoy being inspired by blogs like that and hope I can do the same for others.
I would love feed back from my friends and family. Here are is a little "before and after" sneak peek...

Our New Addition

Well, like always I have gotten way behind on our family blog. I have been busy working in accounting for a hotel management company. So during free time I have been busy being MOM, so no time to blog. Anyways, we have exciting news...
Maxamis Thomas Kingston Thacher was born on April 16, 2012. He weighed in at a very large 9lb 7 oz. We seem to have very big boys, which makes me husband Jesse very proud. At this point he has been home for almost two months and we just adore him. Like always, he is a wonderfully good baby. So sweet and full of big smiles.

Friday, January 7, 2011

A new year...

As a year ends, and new year begins, a chapter of our lives closes. This year by far has been the hardest one yet. I didn't send out Christmas cards or an end of the year letter with our family's highlights, because I didn't feel like there was any. It would have been a letter with "lowlights". I feel like I have been hiding behind a fake smile this past year. Pretending that everything is all ok. I wanted to share with my family, friends, and followers more. The year started out with a real bang! Jesse was injured at work and needed emergency back surgery. The doctors were reallly scared that he would go paralyzed just lying him down on the table for the surgery. His injury, surgery ans recovery was really hard. I worried about him and still do, because it can happen again at anytime. Every disc in his back is bad, so it is only a matter of time before he needs another surgery. This injury and surgery caused Jesse's pay to dramatically reduce his pay. We applied for a home loan modification. They told us that we were preapproved, and we just needed to pay $300.00 a month for three month until they finalized the modifiction. In the end they admitted that they incorrectly read our modification application. They denied it, and told us to write a letter to have them reapply us. Six weeks later they said that there was no such thing as writing them a letter. They screwed us. Citmortgage wanted all of the payments that they original told us not to pay plus more. They want over $8000.00. We of course didn't have it. so they told us to put our house up for a short sale. Mean while I had been going through a tough pregnancy. I was in preterm labor for three months. My doctor wanted me on bde rest, but with two small children and broken husband that wasn't a possibility. I just had to make it work. But that wasn't all, my life was also being filled with drama from the my husbands family. If you know them, you know what a mean. There was an incident with a certain family member who became out of control and indangered the lives of myself and other children. Due to the embarrasment, I don't wish to share more about this person. So much forv a stress free pregnancy. After months of preterm labor, I was induced on July 12th, 2010. OUR HIGHLIGHT OF THE YEAR...The healthy birth of Charles. It was hard bringing him home to a house that we knew would not be ours for too much longer. Our realtor said our home could sell faster if it was empty. So we did what comes naturally, we knelt and prayed for guidance. After pondering the situation Jesse and I felt like moving to Kansas was what we needed to do for our family. Packing was hard for me because I could only take what would fit into our trailor. Part of me felt it was very freeing to be rid of excess junk and crap that were not nessecities. But the other part of me was acheing inside. I had to leave our home. OUR HOME. Those two simple word make me cry everytime I say them. It was our first home. We moved into this home when Jr was 16 months old. We grew from a family of three to a family of five in this home. We brought two children home from the hospital here. Jr learned to play ball here. Holly learned to walk in this home. I think of all of the many birthdays and holidays celebrated in our home, all of the FHE and movies nights spent at our home. Also, leaving our neighborhood was extremely hard. We had the best neighbors ever! I love Andrea! She was the best neighbor, VT companion and close friend! I will miss all of the chats in the yard her. She always made me feel loved. Leaving our ward family super hard. I cried many hours and think of them often. Just to name a few of these ladies I love...
Angie, what a wonderful thoughtful person who showed myself and family so much love. I was her visiting teacher but I know she did so much more for me than I ever did for her.
Amy, my sweet Amy. I am so grateful for her. She helped me recognize what is really important in life.
Jenette, ever smiling. She always let me know she was there for me.
Carrie, fabulously wise. Taught me to find the laughter and joy in everyday life.
Heather E., love her! We just totally connected! I felt like we had been friends for ever. Miss You!
Heather S., You and your Hubby are the best, always there for us, even late at night.
Ginger, so much fun! So real and down to earth. Showed me to be myself.
Katie, knows just how to make me laugh.
Heather L, Megan, Kim, Chaundelle, Holly, Bobette, Kaylene, Jody,Kendra, Leslie, Mandy, & Natalie.
I love these ladies and I hope they all know how much I appreciate how they touched my life.
So we moved anyways, back to the move. We left our home and our neighborhood thinking our house was going to sell. Turns out Jesse sibling moved in. We were told he tore it up and locked out our realtor. So in the end it was put up for auction and that was that. Our home was gone! I hope someone great moves in because they are very lucky to live by all of these wonderful women. Leaving our Jesse's sister's family, the Walkers was heartbreaking. I love those guys so much. Trisha has become my spiritual compass. She has taught me so many things and helped me find my way. She has been such an example to me, and a great mentor. She constantly shared her testimony with me. She means so much to me. I love her!
So we now live in Kansas. For the time being my husband, children and I am living in my fathers basement. Not a good situation. Things are great with my Dad. Jesse and my Dad get along great. They work out together everyday. The problem is with my Dad's aweful wife! I am not exagerating she is really aweful. She throws temper tantrums, and then tell outrageous lies. I have never disliked someone so much. I thought living here would be great, because I get to be close to my family again. The family part is good. The being homeless, and living with my dad's wife not great! Trying to find a job, not fun either. Due to my husband injury and fighting with workmans comp he can not work right now. I have been looking for work for awhile. For the time being, I have been roofing with my dad. Woo hoo! That's real fun. On the upside, we have been able to stack up some money. Enough money to buy a house! Not finance! In full!!! You can do that in Kansas. Yes we bought a  house in small town for...DRUMROLL, PLEASE...$8,000! Yes, I said $8,000. I know what you are thinking, "what kind of shack would you buy for that?" Small? Not at all. It is like 1700 square feet. That is a big as our home in West Jordan. Need work? Yes, but not as much as you would think. The best part of it all, in the end, it is all ours!! Plus with having no mortgage, you don't need to bring in a huge income. I can work part time, and it will give us more than enough to live and save. Most importantly we will get to be together all the time. We have spent so many years with Jesse spending six days a week breaking his back working from early in the morning till after dark and many days after bedtime. When we compare life before Jesse's injury and life now, you can't help but focus on the difference of how time is spent. Sure the money was really good when Jesse worked all the time, but we weren't good. We didn't know I was unhappy and he was unhappy. Having Jesse home with us for this year has been such a blessing. I feel like I have a full time partner. We get to spend so much time together as a family. I love it, and so do the kids!
This past year has been so hard for us, mentaully, financially and spiritually, but what a learning experience. I found myself so often kneeling and praying for understanding. I have learned when things are tough pray for that, understanding. That is what has kept me going. Being able to look at my life struggles and know that this is why I have to experience it. To have that understading that my savior knows me and knows exactly what I need to learn to build my testimony. I have also learned that if I try to run away from one of lifes lesson from my Heavenly Father, he will just have it show up again in a different way. Man, he is good. In the end, I learned what is most important to me in life, my eternal family. It doesn't matter where we live,what items we own, or how much money we make, all that matters is we have each other and that we live in a way that we can guide our children in righteousness. I love my Savior and all that he did for me. I love my Heavenly Father and the constant guidance.
I'm sorry this post has seemed to go on and on. I tried to make this last year brief. : ) I love you all and hope your year and the new year is fabulous! XOXO

Friday, November 5, 2010

Our kids are fish!

My Dad's house here in Kansas has a pool and the kids are loving it!

Charles's Special Day

The first sunday in August we blessed Charles at church. All of our childrens' blessing are special but this one was extra special for Jesse and I because it was the first one that he was able to not only be a part of but actually give it. It was very wonderful and emotional, and I felt so overwelhmed with the spirit. Not only did we get to share it with our very special ward family but Jesse's sister, Trisha and her family came to share the day with us.

I'm trying...

If you haven't noticed I am trying to play catch up with my blog. I have fallen way behind with being pregnant, having a new baby, moving out-of-state, working and raising a family of roudy kids! I am super sorry but I trying, so bear with me. I love you all!! XOXO

Family night bowling!

We wen bowling for family night. I was worried how well Holly could bowl a broken arm, but her brother, Jesse loved helping her. We all had a blast and of course, I won! :)

 Holly's face after ever bowl! HaHa! I loved how much she had!

 She asked me to take a picture of her shoes. Cute huh!

 Charles had fun watching too!

Miss Muffet's Birthday and her misfortune!

My little Miss Muffet had another birthday! Holly turned 4 on October 11th!! It was a big one for her. She knew once she turned four that her sippy cups were going "bye-bye". She was upset about it for a couple of days, but she got over it pretty quickly. She got to go on a special Mommy and Princess date with me. She dressed up in a fancy pink dress, new pink high heels and pearl "clip-on" earings. I took her to Flour Girls, Dough Boys located in American Fork in Utah. We sat and ate inside a castle with a table for two. We had her favorite soup, a panini and potato chips! Holly picked out an adorable pink gourmet cupcake. She was thrilled!! Then we went to place called Dear Lizzie. Its is perfect for my little princess. She loves it as much as I do. She pick out a princess diamond septer that wouldn't be complete without boa feathers and satin ribbon. She is definately my little princess!!!

If you are wondering what is on her arm in the lower picture, it is a cast. About two weeks before her birthday she was on a trampoline and she feel and broke it. She has been on a trampoline hundreds of times and the one time she does something other than jump she breaks her arm. Tip of the day- Tramps are for jumping and not running around the outside rim! :) She was a real trooper.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

My "BIG" Boy

My son, Jesse, just turned six, lost his first tooth and started first grade. He sure is growing up fast. Where does all the time go? He wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese for his birthday and so we did. He was very excited and extremely happy!